Music: Eeyan (@eeyan102) – Sport Bet (@dynamitesoundz)


Ceo Dynamite Soundz Entertainment Eeyan finally drops the much anticipated Rap single Titled (Sport Bet)

Dynamite Soundz Entertainment have been contributing to the music industry for a while and Eeyan has been one the rapper who has made inpact to the music industry and also a producer who has worked with the likes of Mode9, Seriki, Eronz B, Sheyman, ibrochizyy, Bob Ejike Etc.

The single Sport Bet set to redefine rap song trust me.

Listen & Download



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How to Become a Programmer, or The Art of Googling Well


*Note: Please read all italicized technical words as if they were in a foreign language.

The fall semester of my senior year, I was having some serious self-confidence issues. I had slowly come to realize that I did not, in fact, want to become a researcher. Statistics pained me, and the seemingly endless and fruitless nature of research bored me. I was someone who was driven by results – tangible products with deadlines that, upon completion, had a binary state: success, or failure. Going into my senior year, this revelation was followed by another. All of my skills thus far had been cultivated for research. If I wasn’t going into research, I had… nothing.

At a liberal arts college, being a computer science major does not mean you are a “hacker”. It can mean something as simple as, you were shopping around different departments, saw a command line for the…

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Netflix Fright Flicks You Probably Haven’t Seen


The greatest time of the year is here: Halloween. The best way to get into the spirit of the spooky season is by watching horror films until your eyeballs bleed. Luckily, we’re here to help. You’ve probably watched A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th dozens of times. The classics are classic for a reason, but we wanted to offer you a selection of fright flicks that will add a little something different to your October horror movie marathon. Take a break from the masked men and pizza-faced killers of the horror-verse, and check out these Netflix-ready films.

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Pride in the DMA: Celebrating LGBTQ Artists in the Collection

Dallas Museum of Art Uncrated

In honor of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) History Month, I’ve researched some of the LGBTQ artists whose work can be found in the DMA’s collection to bring to light a piece of their lives that isn’t commonly referenced.

First, a quick side note: There is a lot of debate concerning how to historically categorize people who did not classify themselves as part of the LGBTQ community, either because they were living in a society that didn’t accept their identity or because the words simply did not exist. Below I’ll be including artists who had same-sex relationships, who identified as gay, bisexual, etc., or whose actions in today’s world would categorize them as LGBTQ.

Anne Whitney (1821–1915)

"Find A Grave - Anne Whitney." Find A Grave.  (accessed September 23, 2014). “Find A Grave – Anne Whitney.” Find A Grave (accessed September 23, 2014).

Born in 1821, Whitney fought to become an artist in a society that did not readily accept female sculptors…

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Because I was Twenty-One: On Believing Assault Victims

Begins With Lemon and Ends With Pie

[Content note: abuse, being disbelieved]

Since last night, almost as soon as the Toronto Star published the article wherein eight women — including Lucy Decoutere — came forward with allegations of abuse by Jian Ghomeshi, i’ve been reading a number of variations on the theme of being done with the Jian story. And i can sympathize.

I’m done with Jian Ghomeshi too.

But I’m not done with Lucy Decoutere.

I’m not done with any of the other seven women whose stories are reported by the Star.

I’m not done with the unnamed woman who spoke yesterday evening on CBC’s As It Happens.

I’m not done with any potential survivors who haven’t spoken yet.

I’m not even done with them if they don’t speak.

I’m not done with the women who have been assaulted by other famous or well-loved men.

I’m not done with the women who were assaulted by men…

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Why Don’t Mosquitoes Spread Ebola?

Mosquito Research and Management

13717624625_cd5f3df570_zAuthorities are quick to remind the community that Ebola virus is spread by blood and bodily fluids so it is hardly surprising that many are asking, “can mosquitoes spread Ebola”?

The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest in history. As of mid-October, there have been approximately 9,000 cases and 4,500 deaths. The World Health Organisation warned that the infection rate could reach 5000 to 10000 new cases a week by the end of the year.

The virus is primarily transmitted from sick to healthy people by blood or body fluids (including but not limited to urine, saliva, sweat, feces, vomit, breast milk, and semen). In addition, objects contaminated with the virus (including needles and syringes) and direct contact with infected animals also play a role. Given this knowledge, it is not an unreasonable question to ask if blood feeding mosquitoes could spread the virus from infected…

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Man Kills Friend For Over N500 Gift From Politician

Men of the vigilante group around Onyobru Inland, Idjerhe Kindom in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, have arrested a man who killed his friend over a money gift of N500 from a local politician.

It was reported that a man, simply identified as Justice, was walking down the road with his friend, Oghenerona. The deceased saw a former councillor of their area driving by, which prompted him to greet the local politician, as he had known the person before.
The politician, wanting to be a cheerful giver, had given the duo a N500 note to share. A disagreement occurred shortly after the politician left them over the ratio at which they were going to share the money. While Justice thinks he’s entitled to N300, for the fact that he was the one that greeted the politician and even collected the money from the politician, Ogheneruno didn’t think he should be given just N200 out of the N500 gift.
Oghenerona, who was angry at his friend for not wanting to be fair in sharing the monetary gift, angrily went to his house, picked up a cutlass and allegedly stabbed his friend. He attempted to run away after the murder. But, due to the prompt intervention of local vigilantes Oghenerona was apprehended and transferred to local police department.